Grand Lodge of California

Dave Rosenberg, Grand Master
Dave Rosenberg - Grand Master, Grand Lodge of California

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Now Is the Time to Get Active in Your Community

The successful 21st Century Lodge will be a Lodge that opens its doors and windows to its surrounding community. The time has long passed that Odd Fellowship can engage in the luxury of shutting ourselves off from the outside world. I predict that literally half the Lodges in our Order will no longer exist over the next 25 years unless we change the way we operate.

Once Upon a Time in California . . . .

Once upon a time in California, there were more than 600 Odd Fellows Lodges. There was also a time in California when Odd Fellows boasted over 58,000 members. Today, in California, we have less than 120 Lodges and only about

The One Thing We All Have in Common

Dear Brothers and Sisters,   We all have one thing in common with every other person on this planet. Yes, it’s true. It really doesn’t matter if we are Joe the Plumber, or Barack Obama, or Donald Trump, or Kim Jong-un, or Malala Yousafzai, or Vladimir Putin, of Jerry Brown, or Kim Kardashian, or Honey Boo Boo, or even yourself. We share one feature with each of these folks, and with every person on this earth. We are all aging. And we are all very aware of it.   Don’t say you aren’t. You celebrate your birthday every year, don’t you?   Now, that’s not to say that we don’t approach the process of aging in different ways – typically based on our age at any given time.   For example, when we are very young – say 4 years of age – we can’t wait till the next year rolls around, so we often say that we are 4 ½ – sometimes even breaking it down further like 4 ¼ or 4 ¾ .   (Interestingly, this phenomenon occurs again when we are in our 90’s so that we may say we are 92 ½ or 95 ¾ .) When we are tykes, we can’t wait till we are a little older – say 7 or 8 – or even double digits like 10.   And when we are pre-teens, we can hardly wait till we become real teenagers. Of course, in our teenage years, the big milestone is 16 when we can drive. But that’s only a stepping stone to the big 18 when we can be considered real adults.   After that,...

Rebekah Assembly of California

Donna Morrison, President
Donna Morrison- President, Rebekah Assembly

Rebekah Events

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