Grand Lodge of California

Dave Rosenberg, Grand Master
Dave Rosenberg - Grand Master, Grand Lodge of California

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Odd Fellow and Rebekah Magazine

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A Major IOOF Project You May Not Know About

Dear Brothers and Sisters, The word “Shriners” has become synonymous with “Children’s Burn Hospitals” – a major feat of good works in the community and good marketing by the Shriners. Odd Fellows also do good works in the community,...

A Brief Trip Into Sarcasm Country

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Let’s think this through.  We know that we have a significant problem in the IOOF.   The problem has been with us for over half a Century.  The problem is the loss of members, year after year after year after year.   This membership...

Committees Can Transform Your Lodge

Dear Brothers and Sisters, In a typical month, I am asked two or three times about the Lodge Committees that we have in my home Lodge, Davis Lodge #169.   It is certainly something that makes us absolutely unique among Odd Fellows Lodges in California and throughout...

Three Programs That Can Help Your Lodge

Dear Brothers and Sisters, In case you missed it in past letters to Lodges, allow me to remind you about three very important programs that have been launched this year for your direct benefit. If you fail to take advantage of one or more of these programs, then all I...

Rebekah Assembly of California

Donna Morrison, President
Donna Morrison- President, Rebekah Assembly

Rebekah Events

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