The rich history of Odd Fellowship has been captured in many ways.  Books, magazines, newsletters, photographs, and symbols all detail Friendship, Love, and Truth and how these basic tenets guide the IOOF in fulfilling it’s mission. Here are some Odd Fellow related books that will provide some insight as to origins of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows and how we have become the organization we are today.

The latest book about the Independent Order of Odd Fellows has just been printed and is now available for purchase. Judge David Rosenberg is the author of “The Future of Odd Fellowship – To Be Or Not To Be”.

According to the author:  “This is an interesting and thought-provoking book that you might consider as a gift for your favorite Odd Fellow or Rebekah, or for yourself or your Lodge Library.”

This hard-bound book is about 300 pages in length and contains a series of essays, articles and other communications, including useful charts and graphs.  It talks about the decline in membership, and it offers a vision for the future of our Order.

Judge Dave Rosenberg, Past Grand of the Davis Lodge, has reinvigorated his Lodge and has increased his Lodge’s membership by 500% over the past six years.  He offers his perspective on the past, the present, and the future of Odd Fellowship.

This book may be purchased for $12.00 for each copy, which includes the cost of packaging and mailing.  If you wish to purchase this book, please send your check (payable to Dave Rosenberg) for $12.00 for each copy to the following address: Dave Rosenberg Davis Odd Fellows Lodge 415 Second Street Davis CA 95616

The History of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows of San Francisco, by Peter V. Sellars

The Dreams of the Founding Fathers: American Odd Fellowship, by J Edward Stallings, PSGM

Excerpt: …Wildey was an Englishman through and through and all his thoughts and ideas were a reflection of his English nature and character. Wildey clung to the old ways and was an integral part of the old guard until the end of his life. Wildey was a shrewd man and gifted in reading the innate hearts of men. He had the uncanny ability to enlist men with far greater ability and use them to further his dream. Many outstanding men were firmly pushed to the rear if he could not control them through his influence. If others differed to any degree, the sweet smiling, genial Thomas Wildey would suddenly transform into a force to be dealt with. It is indeed a mystery how these founding fathers could manifest such loyalty and devotion to Wildey when it was so apparent that Wildey gathered to himself all the glory and honor and pushed his worthy associates a little deeper in the shadows and never, ever gave them the credit that they were so richly entitled…

The Three Link Fraternity – Odd Fellowship in California, by Don R. Smith and Wayne Roberts

Excerpt: …Other evidence suggests that our origins were in an organization known as the Ancient Order of Bucks which thrived in England in the 18th Century, and had as its emblem three bucks with their antlers intertwined. These men had as their leader a “Most Noble Grand” and met in club rooms and tavems. One of their principal emblems was “a bundle of sticks,” familiar to modern Odd Fellows as signifying strength in union. They dropped “Bucks” from the name in 1802. Whatever the origin, solid evidence begins to be found in the late 18th Century. By 1796 Odd Fellow organizations were numerous in England, and each was independent from the others. Fraternal groups such as the Odd Fellows were suppressed in England for a time, but by 1803 the Odd Fellows were revived by an organization called “London Union Odd Fellows,” which later became known as the “Grand Lodge of England” and assumed authority over all Odd Fellow lodges in that country…

Sovereign Grand Lodge Sessions in California: Six Links of Fellowship (1915-1949-1960) – With Addition of 1994 Sacramento Session, by Frank S. Christy and Donald R. Smith

Excerpt: …By 1915, the “Jewel City” was a reality. The area covered 625 acres. 42 foreign nations, and 29 states and territories had buildings of their own, typical and emblematical of their localities. It had been eleven years since Sovereign Grand Lodge Representatives had visited the Pacific Coast; and since that visit, the awful disaster of April 18,1906 took place, almost sweeping San Francisco from the face of the earth. The earthquake and fire destroyed 508 city blocks, 28188 buildings, with a value of $351,500,000. From the ruins of 1906 a mightier and grander city arose…

California Odd Fellowship:Early History of Odd Fellowship in California, by Frank S. Christy – Linden Publications – 1988

The Half Century of California Odd fellowship .., by George H. Tinkham – Record Publishing Co. – 1906

History of American Odd Fellowship, By James L. Ridgely – John Ryan and Co. – 1878

Odd Fellows Monitor and Guide, Containing History of the Degree of Rebekah, and Its Teachings, Emblems of the Order, By Rev. Thomas G. Beharrell – Robert Douglass Publishers – 1884