Consumnes Lodge #63

7672 S Shingle Rd, Latrobe, CA, United States
7672 South Shingle Road Shingle Springs California 95682 US

Instituted December 4, 1856

Meets 1st & 3rd Thursdays 6:30pm
Meeting Location: 7672 S. Shingle Rd. Latrobe, CA 95682
Mailing Address: 7672 S. Shingle Rd. Latrobe, CA 95682

History of the Location

This lodge was instituted at Michigan Bar, Ca in 1856 and met in this small little town for the next 9 years. In 1865, they petitioned the Grand Lodge of California to move to Latrobe. The original meeting hall in Latrobe was destroyed by fire in 1915 and the lodge lost all records. The current building is a fine hall with an active Lodge. The downstairs has a nice large dining room and stage.
Michigan Bar is located just south of the Michigan Bar bridge on Michigan Bar Rd. But the town is now a part of Sloughhouse. If you make this trip, the ride is nice, but the road is graded dirt. And for a short hike, there is a Michigan Bar Cemetery further up the rd. and off the beaten path to the west.

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