Napa Lodge #18

1800 Atrium Parkway, Napa, CA, United States
1800 Atrium Parkway Napa California 94559 US

Instituted November 26, 1853

Meets 1st & 3rd Tuesday 7:30pm
Meeting Location: 1800 Atrium Pkwy, Napa, CA 94599
Mailing Address: 1800 Atrium Pkwy #500, Napa, CA 94599

History of the Lodge

In 1956, Napa Odd fellows Lodge sponsored the membership of Ivy Rebekah Lodge #23 which still meets at the Meadows in their rec. room. Live Oak Encampment #40 and Canton Napa #34.

History of the Location

Napa Odd Fellows Lodge #18 was instituted in Napa City in 1853 by M.W.G.M. Samual Hale Parker, the first year of the Grand Lodge of California. The first Lodge Hall of Napa Lode was dedicated on 3/7/1877. On the day of dedication all 132 members of Napa Lodge assembled on Main street and proceeded to the Lodge hall being led by the Silver Cornet Band. Following the dedication ceremony the Lodge hosted a Grand Ball with 350 in attendance.
In 1972 the Lodge sold the hall on Brown Street to make way for redevelopment.

In 1975 the Lodge purchased property on Loma Heights Rd. and met there until 1986 when they sold this property and moved to rented quarters at the V.F.W. hall.

In 1989 The Odd Fellows of California purchased a fine reirement facility on Jefferson near the Marina. Napa Lodge #18 now meets in their rec. hall.

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