Oustomah Lodge #16

215 Broad Street, Nevada City, CA, United States
215 Broad Street Nevada City California 95959 US

Instituted November 4, 1853

Meets 3rd Tuesday 7:30
Meeting Location: 225 1/2 Broad St, Nevada City, CA
Mailing Address: PO Box 428, Nevada City, CA 95959

History of the Location

Oustomah Odd Fellows Lodge # 16 was instituted in Nevada City, 1853 by M.W.G.M. Samual Hale Parker, The First year of the Institution of the Grand Lodge of California.

The Lodge was instituted in a Log Cabin with several members of Grass Valley Lodge #12 as their first members.

In 1856 the Lodge was meeting in the Hamlet Daivs Bldg. when it was destroyed by fire. The Lodge lost all it’s records and personal belongins, so the call went out to all local Lodges and they came through to assist these Brothers in building their new hall but this one too burned in 1863. Their next hall, dedicated on April 27, 1863 also burned that same year. For several years following, the Brothers met in the building of the Masonic Lodge until they built the new IOOF Temple that they still use today. This hall was dedicated on 4/25/1873. A fine 2 story Brick bldg. costing the Lodge $20,000.

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