New Members Good Times And Great Food

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GL will establish a perpetual annual membership trophy. The lodge with the greatest percentage of
newly initiated members will have their lodge’s name and year(s) added to the trophy. This contest
runs the calendar year, Jan. 1st to Dec. 31st. The winning lodge for the prior calendar year will be
announced at the annual GL Sessions in May. This trophy will be held, and should be prominently
displayed, in the winner‘s lodge hall until a new winner is determined. The winning lodge will also
receive $2,000 to spend as they see fit. Per capita reports will be used as the basis to determine
year over year membership growth. Only new, regular dues-paying lodge members will be counted,
NO associate members or transfers.

To further stimulate recruitment, GL will subsidize $40.00 towards a recruitment breakfast, lunch or
dinner for each newly initiated member. Only lodges with fewer than 30 regular members that have
not increased regular membership over the past 2 years (per their per capita reports) or have added
2 or fewer members in the past 5 years are eligible. To claim this recruitment subsidy, the lodge
secretary must submit a report to the GL Membership Committee for approval on a quarterly basis
under the lodge seal that includes: recruiting member(s) names, newly initiated member(s) names,
date of initiation, and cost of the meal including a copy of receipt.

For More Information Contact Rita Cooper, Membership Chairperson