Grand Lodge Officers

Officers of the Grand Lodge of California 2018/2019



Grand Master

Mel Astrahan

Deputy Grand Master

Jamie Jepsen


Grand Warden

Greg Schomaker
Gregg Schomaker
 Portrait of Ray Link

Grand Secretary

Ray Link #1
122 Race Street
San Jose, CA. 95126
408-899-4921 (fax)


 Jay Johnson

Grand Treasurer

Jay Johnson #114
122 Race Street
San Jose, CA. 95126
510-673-4018 (mobile)


Grand Representative

Rick Boyles


Grand Representative

Peter Sellers


Grand Marshal

 Dennis Forel, #195

Grand Conductor

 Richard Perry, #219

Grand Chaplain

 Jack Cain, #241

Grand Color Bearer

 Stewart Savage, #169

Grand Guardian

 Roberto Vernice, #29

Grand Herald

 Colby Laplace, #207

Grand Musician

 Chris Greenwood, #385

Grand Instructor

 Michael Greenzeiger, #244