Caroling, Caroling
When I was growing up, I used to sing Christmas carols. My family would sit around our living room and sing. Sometimes, my friends and I would stroll around our neighborhood and knock on doors and sing a couple of carols to the neighbors. Sometimes, a youth group would gather to go out caroling.
These are fond memories. It was fun to sing together. It was fun to sing for others. It was fun to see how others enjoyed and appreciated us reaching out to them.
A few years ago, my lodge started caroling. We decided to reach out to senior citizens. We organized an event at a local senior housing facility. We were allowed to stroll around the facility and stop and sing to residents who were not very mobile. Other times, we would sing in a common area where residents would come to listen and join us.
Over the years, our group of carolers has grown. Some bring their children or friends. Some of us bring guitars to play along. With a group of singers, no one’s voice stands out (so you don’t need to have a good voice).
In the last few years, we have ended our show by reading ‘Twas the Night before Christmas. We each read a few lines and go around the group. We have a great time!
What is even better is that the seniors enjoy it very much. They are very appreciative. It is wonderful to see the joy they feel from listening and joining in.
This is an example of what we can do together. All it takes is a little time and effort. Whether you make it an event in your lodge for your members or go out into your community to entertain seniors or others, it is something any lodge can do. It is good for our members. It is good for our community. It is good for the Order!
If any of you would like more information, email me at . I would be happy to share our song lyrics file with you. Happy Holidays!

In Friendship, Love, and Truth,
Dave Reed