California Odd Fellows Lodges

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Odd Fellows in California

This site is built for the purpose of capturing all the information I can on each Odd Fellows Lodge that was ever in California. I have sorted these 3 ways. You can click on the links to go to Lodge by number, city or county.

On each page you will find the information on the history of the Lodge. A photo of the Lodge site if available and any detials of the Lodge events if the Lodge is current. All details have been given to me by members of the Lodge so it could be out of date. I will try to update as quickly as information is given to me.

Last, Please note that all this information is only provided by word of mouth and I encourage you to update me with any information that is incorrect.

Site constantly under construction. Lodge pages will be added as I travel.

If you find an error, please send a note with the information and I will correct it. My email is on every page.

Last Updated 7/3/2010
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