Message From The Grand Master

Grand Master Tim Brown 2014 – 2015    Or

Holding on to our Heritage

Traveling through this wonderful state, I had the unique opportunity to visit many of our lodges, and meet numerous Odd fellow and Rebekahs in California. This has allowed me a diverse perspective of our past and future in our fraternity. By the past we discover the rich history, traditions, and customs, in which have allowed this fraternity, to survive when many others have diminished and faded away.

That Fraternal core or foundation of odd fellows and Rebekahs, and there ever faithful perseverance to the order has shown us that a fraternal order can still survive in a modern world. It is those foundations and traditions we must embrace not only to respect the past and history of odd Fellowship, but also to give future members a solid principle to follow.

As we move into the future of this fraternity, we need to continue to strive in our efforts to expand new and creative approaches to increase membership of this order. This will allow us to secure a place in our rich history in California. Working with our brothers and sisters, within and outside of our lodges, will allow us to gain support from our communities, as well as the respect of the fraternal order.

Many lodges in this state have had difficulty with membership within their lodges, not only with attendance, but also with questions on protocol and ritual, and although gaining new membership is a must to continue, we need to look not only without, but within our own ranks to utilize the vast experience that our own members have learned through the years. They are the key to the continuation of the history of this order, and we should make a conscious effort to retain their membership and restore them back into the lodges in which they have devoted many years of service.

Lastly as brothers and sisters we must look forward, keeping a positive attitude and respect for one another. Be proud of our history, embrace our unique principles and customs, it is those which make us a fraternal order, without them we may also diminish and fade away.


Timothy A. Brown

Grand Master

Grand Masters Speech

June 9, 2014 in Grand Lodge

Grand Masters Speech

I wish to thank the members for electing me as Grand Master for the upcoming year and to thank my wife Nancy and daughter Khristian for their patience and understanding in this endeavor.
My gratitude to the Master and Mistress of ceremonies Past Grand Master Rod Metoyer and Past President of Rebekah Assembly Diana Carranza, Paul Pike my sponsor and Past Grand Master, and all the dignitaries and members who made it possible for my officers and I to serve you as your state officers for the 2014- 2015 term. It has been a privilege to be a part of the Grand Lodge for the past several years as a Grand Lodge Officer, and I will continue to give this fraternal order my utmost support.
I have several focus goals that I will strive to accomplish this year. With the backing of our brothers and sisters, I will be continuing some membership programs already in place, but also I will be working with lodges, on an emphasis of fraternal ritual and lodge functionality, for a strong lodge is a successful one.
Through the years, our order has had a strong decline in its youth programs, which have been struggling to survive. At this time, we are making a positive step forward and I will continue assisting the youth orders to grow in California, working with lodges to develop youth groups and Jr lodges, to build a solid foundation of a new generation of brothers and sisters, to secure our fraternal future of this order.
Our goal as a fraternity is to assist our members and our communities in which we live. The image and condition of our lodges and cemeteries are a direct reflection of odd fellowship. Many of these lodges are in need of critical repair, and code updates due to the age of the structures. Many of the lodges in these historical buildings need funds for repair that they are unable to financially allocate. To preserve the rich history of our order, and to give a positive image of odd fellowship to our communities, I will be working with Grand Lodge to find ways to assist these lodges in need of repair. To find funds in the form of a loans or grants, for I believe it is the responsibility of all of us to keep our history and image alive in California.
Lastly, I have been working with the Rebekah Assembly on a possible joint wrap around program. This program would set up several outreach offices in California that would assist children and families in our communities to receive the necessary support and counseling needed to develop a functional environment for all children and families who are at risk, and give them the support and ability to move in a positive direction in their future.
I thank you all again for your support and confidence, and I will continue to serve you with honor and dignity.
In F.L.&T.
Tim brown
Grand Master of California