Odd Event Library

The Odd Event Library was created to enable members and lodges to share ideas and information for events ranging from social to lodge building to community service.

We hope the library will give lodges ideas to try. You will find that many ideas are not costly but depend on people willing to participate.
Not every idea will work for every lodge. But, almost every idea should get you thinking about variations that could be successful in your lodge, if there is a willingness to act and participate.

If you try one of the posted events, let us know how it worked for you. If the event was a huge success, great! Share your success stories. If things didn’t work out as planned, let us know as well. Either way, we can update the event library with your comments. Almost everything and everyone is capable of improvement.


Sharing Your Ideas

If you have tried an event that you think other lodges might consider, please submit information about the planning and results. To start, click on the Submit an Event button below. Complete the form with information about your event and we will at it to the library.

Submit an Event

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