Grand Lodge of California

Melvin A Astrahan, Grand Master
Melvin A Astrahan- Grand Master, Grand Lodge of California

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Disaster Relief? We Can Help

Disaster Relief?  We Can Help With the fires raging in California, many of our Brothers and Sisters may be in dire need of help. The Grand Lodge Disaster Fund is there to help those who qualify. In order to qualify, (1) you must be a member in good standing, and (2)...

Goals and Plans

August 2, 2017 Goals and Plans I remember when I was Noble Grand of my lodge. At first, I was overwhelmed with the responsibility. When things went wrong, the buck stopped with me. After a while, I became more and more comfortable working with people, making...

California’s annual Membership Educational Seminar

Dear Members, (Click Here For Registration Form) I am pleased to forward to you the attached letter from California Grand Master Dave Reed and Rebekah Assembly President Phoebe Astill, inviting interested Odd Fellows and Rebekahs to California's annual Membership...

How Do I Bring New Members Into My Lodge?

For a fraternal order to survive, there is nothing more important than bringing new members into the Lodge. Without new members, the Lodge will diminish over time, will wither and will eventually die. And, this is a task that is necessarily performed on an on-going...

A Different Approach to Membership

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Let's begin with basic mathematics.    If, in a given year, a Lodge loses members (because they pass away, stop paying dues, move away, etc.) and doesn't add members in sufficient numbers to cover the losses, it will show a net loss of...

The successful 21st Century Lodge

Active Committees = Successful Lodge Dear Brothers and Sisters, The successful 21st Century Lodge will be structured around a strong committee system. Let me explain what I mean by this, and how it can translate in a very positive way for YOUR Lodge. Leaders of the...