Installation Dinner and Awards Ceremony

Date Submitted: 08/05/2017

Submitted by: Dave Reed

Lodge: Davis Lodge 169

Address: 415 2nd Street, Davis, CA 95616

Phone: 530-908-6800

Event Description:

Installation Dinner and Awards Ceremony, Exiting Noble Grand MCs the event and announces awards. Incoming Noble Grand is installed.

Event Planning:

Plan a dinner and awards ceremony for Installation of officers. Need members to prepare dinner or arrange for a caterer. Give awards to deserving members to recognize there participation. We have three special annual awards: Noble Grand's Award, Member of the Year and Spirit Award. Also, we give Merit pins to other members. Live music is a nice touch to include as part of the event. We attempt to keep costs low so more Odd Fellows are willing to participate.

Event Rating: Very Successful

Event Complexity: Slightly Complex

Event Pros and Cons:

Need members to organize the meal. The awards are decided by the outgoing NG. Members feel appreciated by being recognized. It can motivate other members to do more. RSVPs should be required

Partner Organization(s): N/A

Benefit Organization(s): N/A

Cost of Event: Variable depending upon features.