Pet Clinic

Date Submitted: 30/06/2017

Submitted by: Tony Delgado

Lodge: Van Nuys Lodge #442

Address: 401 N. Hagar St, San Fenrnando, CA 91340

Phone: 805-444-2163

Event Description:

We offered vaccinations for dogs and cats at $10.00 for the community. A local Veterinarian provided the service which cost $30 per pet and we supplemented $20 of the cost for the pet owner. Animals are always the last to receive proper care in a less affluent community so we wanted to help.

Event Planning:

Finding a low cost veterinarian to provide the service at the lodge was the first step. Getting the word out to the community was the next step. we distributed flyers door to door and left flyers at several retail businesses and restaurants in area. We visited local schools and asked them to announce the clinic to the students.

We had a small turn out our first year about 25 pets in the two hour service window. We expected 50 or more. We will have another clinic this year and have more community participation in getting the event advertised more effectively.

Event Rating: Moderately Successful

Event Complexity: Moderately Complex

Event Pros and Cons:

Health and safety of the community and its pets. I know for a fact we saved one puppy's life that had worms and had stopped eating the day before the clinic. The Vet examined the puppy and provided the necessary vaccinations to eliminate the problem.

cons: perhaps the management of a larger participation of pets could be a problem if the venue is too crowed?

Partner Organization(s): Dr. Ron's Low Cost Vaccines

Benefit Organization(s): Local community and its pets!

Cost of Event: $534.00