Thursday Live! Music

Date Submitted: 08/05/2017

Submitted by: Dave Reed

Lodge: Davis Lodge 169

Address: 415 2nd Street, Davis, CA 95616

Phone: 530-908-6800

Event Description:

We host a free music event the first Thursday of each month. Local or area musicians perform. We sell beer and wine and make a little money. Donations are accepted and given to the musicians. There are usually to two bands each month.

Event Planning:


Event Rating: Very Successful

Event Complexity: Slightly Complex

Event Pros and Cons:

Requires volunteers to set up and take down. Requires volunteers to schedule musicians. Need some equipment like lights and speakers for the stage area. There are skilled musicians everywhere looking for opportunities to play and it is not about the money.

Partner Organization(s): onetwo Three

Benefit Organization(s): The December event donations are given to the Davis Encampment for their kids camp programs

Cost of Event: