Senior Project

Date Submitted: 08/05/2017

Submitted by: Dave Reed

Lodge: Davis Lodge 169

Address: 415 2nd Street, Davis, CA 95616

Phone: 530-908-6800

Event Description:

Senior Project - doing chores for local senior citizens

Event Planning:

Can be done by a committee or a single person. Advertise at local senior center or through newspaper the service available. This can be a one-time event, e.g. a Saturday where several members participate or an ongoing service where the chairperson is contacted when needed.

Event Rating: Very Successful

Event Complexity: Slightly Complex

Event Pros and Cons:

You need to define and limit what services you are willing to perform. We do not do electrical or plumbing jobs. However, we do things like change light bulbs, pruning of trees and bushes, furniture moving (within the home), hanging curtain rods, etc. Depending on how you set it up, you need to organize a group of willing and capable volunteers.

Partner Organization(s): N/A

Benefit Organization(s): Local Seniors

Cost of Event: $0