October 29, 2017

Time for Action?

Over the last two months, we have seen natural disaster after natural disaster wreak havoc with our neighbors and our country men and women. There has never been so much destruction and displacement in our country in such a short period of time.

As Odd Fellows, we have the opportunity to help others in need, just like our predecessors in the Order. And, we have the opportunity to show our friends and communities who we are and what we are and what we do.

One of the symbols in my banner is the lightning bolt. The lightning bolt stands for Action. It means doing things.

One of my watchwords is “Do it!” We now have the opportunity to do something. Do something to help our brothers and sisters. Do something to get our brothers and sisters involved. Do something to help our friends and communities. Do something to help the Order.
After the hurricanes in Texas and Florida and Puerto Rico, Santa Rosa Lodge #53 contributed money to the Grand Lodge of Texas to help their relief efforts. Then, they planned a golf tournament fundraiser. Little did they know that before the golf tournament would occur, their own area would be overwhelmed with a massive wild fire. The golf tournament transformed into a relief fundraiser for their own community too.

The efforts of the Santa Rosa Lodge gave their members an opportunity to get involved. To do good things. And, their efforts showed their community who they are and what they are capable of doing.
There are many ways we can step up and do things. My lodge has held fundraisers for relief organizations after natural disasters twice in recent years. Our model was to provide an evening of music with local musicians donating their skills. We served dinner. We had a silent auction. We sought sponsors in our community. Both times we raised over $20,000. Admittedly, it took a lot of quick planning and a lot of effort from our members. But, it gave our members an opportunity to do something for the good of those in need. It gave our community an opportunity to share our desire to help those in need. And, it gave us an opportunity to show our community who we were and what we can do.

​This type of event may not work in every lodge. That’s OK. But everyone can do something. Do something that your members would like to do. Do something that will mobilize your members to participate. Do something that will show your community who you are and what you can do. If you do, it will help your lodge and the Order as well as your community.

​If you have no idea what to try, talk to other lodges or check out the Odd Event Library on the Grand Lodge website. If you have had successful events, please share your experiences at the Odd Event Library. I would enjoy hearing about your inspirations and your efforts. You can contact me at dreedng@gmail.com

​ One final thought. Resist the urge to simply write a check to a charity. Anyone can do that, Odd Fellow or not. I challenge us all to do something that will help our community or those in need; something that will get our members involved; something that will let our community know who we are and what we can do. Do it!
In Friendship, Love and Truth,
​​​​​​Dave Reed

Actions Speak Louder Than Words